This article shows how an exception filter and a resource filter can be used in ASP.NET 5. Code: An exception filter can be implemented using the IExceptionFilter interface or by implementing the abstract class ExceptionFilter. The ExceptionFilter class implements the IAsyncExceptionFilter, IExceptionFilter and the IOrderedFilter interfaces. In a MVC 6 controller, the ExceptionFilter can […]

This is my landing page which I use for presentations. See the links underneath for getting started with ASP.NET 5. ASP.NET 5 Exception Filters and Resource Filters ASP.NET beta 7 code | blog Adding Cache safe links to a Grunt build in ASP.NET 5 ASP.NET beta 7 code | blog ASP.NET 5 Action Filters ASP.NET […]

The post shows how to add cache safe links and scripts to a HTML file using grunt in a ASP.NET 5 application. The post uses the grunt build configuration from this blog, ( ASP.NET 5 Typescript AngularJS application with a grunt production configuration ). Code: Strategy When updating the production deployment, or continuous builds, […]

This article shows how the ActionFilterAttribute class can be used in an ASP.NET 5 MVC application. The ActionFilterAttribute class is an implementation of the IActionFilter, IAsyncActionFilter, IResultFilter, IAsyncResultFilter, and the IOrderedFilter interfaces. This filter can be used as a method filter, controller filter, or global filter for all MVC HTTP requests, or more precisely an […]

This article shows how to use SQLite with ASP.NET 5 using Entity Framework 7. EF7 can now create SQLite databases using Entity Framework migrations which was not possible in previous versions. Code: The project was created using Omnisharp generator-aspnet and then upgraded to version beta6 using the command line tools dnu and dnvm. The […]

This article shows how to display Elasticsearch Watcher events in an Angular UI using SignalR. The Elasticsearch Watcher events are sent to a MVC 6 controller in an ASP.NET 5 application. The action method in the controller handles the watcher events and sends the data to the Angular UI using SignalR and the SignalR client […]

This article shows how to setup Elasticsearch Watcher in Elasticsearch to call an MVC controller in an ASP.NET 5 application. The controller action method will handle these events in part 3 of this blog series. Code: 2015.09.20: Updated to ASP.NET beta 7 Part 1: Settings up the ASP.NET 5 application for Elasticsearch Part 2: […]


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