This article shows how to create a bootstrap tab menu with data from an MVC 6 service in an ASP.NET 5 application using Angular. The tabs can be dragged and dropped so that the position or tab order can be changed by the user. The drag and drop list is implemented using angular-drag-and-drop-lists from Marcel […]

This article demonstrates how to implement an AngularJS application using Typescript and grunt in ASP.NET 5. The application is built using Typescript and based on this example. The application uses grunt as its task runner. The grunt task runner produces a production configuration and can also be used in a CI process on any build […]

This article shows how to use angular-http-batcher in an ASP.NET 5 application. The back end is implemented using the existing Web API ASP.NET framework. At present, batching is not supported in the new ASP.NET 5 framework. It looks like batching will not be supported in the new MVC framework. A lot of the existing Web […]

This article shows how to use angular-ui-router in an ASP.NET 5 application. The ui-router module is integrated into the application using bower and grunt and implements hierarchical routes with data resolves in different states. Code: Project setup The application is setup as described in the excellent article from Stephan Walter. Once the grunt uglify, […]

This article shows how to use index warmers with ElasticsearchCRUD. Warmers are useful for the most used queries, and can help with performance. A warmer can be added when creating an index, added any time after or deleted from an index. Warmers can also be added globally or per index type. Code: Other Tutorials: […]

This tutorial shows how to create an MVC 6 aspnet50 application with does a full text search using Elasticsearch. This application uses jQuery-UI to send the search requests and ElasticsearchCRUD (pre-release version) to send the requests to Elasticsearch. ElasticsearchCRUD supports aspnet50. The source code can be found in the aspnet50 branch: MVC 6 Code: […]

This article shows how to use Elasticsearch highlighting in a MVC application for search results. The application does a simple Elasticsearch Fuzzy Query and the highlighted results are displayed in a Razor view. Code: Other Tutorials: Part 1: ElasticsearchCRUD introduction Part 2: MVC application search with simple documents using autocomplete, jQuery and jTable Part […]


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