This article shows how to display Elasticsearch Watcher events in an Angular UI using SignalR. The Elasticsearch Watcher events are sent to a MVC 6 controller in an ASP.NET 5 application. The action method in the controller handles the watcher events and sends the data to the Angular UI using SignalR and the SignalR client […]

This article shows how to setup Elasticsearch Watcher in Elasticsearch to call an MVC controller in an ASP.NET 5 application. The controller action method will handle these events in part 3 of this blog series. Code: Part 1: Settings up the ASP.NET 5 application for Elasticsearch Part 2: Using Elasticsearch Watcher to create data […]

This article shows how to create an Angular application using ASP.NET 5 which can create alarm documents in Elasticsearch using NEST. The repository layer uses the new configuration from the beta 6 version and also the built in DI from the ASP.NET 5 framework. The post is part 1 of a three part series. In […]

This article shows how to create HTML themes in an ASP.NET 5 angular application using Sass and grunt. The CSS themes are created using Sass, built using grunt-contrib-sass and compressed using grunt-contrib-cssmin. Angular is then used to switch the themes, using an input button. Code: Sass is used to create the CSS stylesheets so […]

This article shows how to use and implement Protobuf as a custom InputFormatter and a custom OutputFormatter in MVC 6. Protobuf can then be used in the HTTP requests and responses for serialization. Before MVC 6, this was implemented in Web API using MediaFormatters. In MVC 6, this has been split into IInputFormatter and IOutputFormatter. […]

This article shows how to create a bootstrap tab menu with data from an MVC 6 service in an ASP.NET 5 application using Angular. The tabs can be dragged and dropped so that the position or tab order can be changed by the user. The drag and drop list is implemented using angular-drag-and-drop-lists from Marcel […]

This article demonstrates how to implement an AngularJS application using Typescript and grunt in ASP.NET 5. The application is built using Typescript and based on this example. The application uses grunt as its task runner. The grunt task runner produces a production configuration and can also be used in a CI process on any build […]


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